Timex x YMC T80 – It’s about time

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Timex have a strong history of timeless designs, which is funny when you think about it, isn’t it?

Their T80 model is one of those watches for everyday use, and in this YMC take on it, the translucent green strap makes it look both futuristic and from the past. It’s one of several collaborations YMC have undertaken in this, their 25th year.

Considering I gave this article a pun in the title, I reckon I’ve done well to avoid any more. I could have said it looked good enough to eat but that’d be too time consuming, but you’d definitely go back for seconds. I could have even said the information I’m giving you is second hand. To be fair, that type of wordplay wouldn’t do this product justice. At £79 it’s both affordable and infinitely wearable, whether you’re reacquainting yourself with the sunshine or stuck indoor on the laptop as you continue to work from home, it’s a treat for yourself which won’t break the bank.

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I had pizza for tea.

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