Tommy Jeans Urban Backpack – for Mountaineers in the Metropolis

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You could be forgiven for expecting a deluge of denim when observing the name ‘Tommy Jeans’. But in truth, it could be called Tommy Genes, being that it channels the heritage and history of the Tommy Hilfiger aesthetic. Nostalgia and heritage from the good old US of A.

This colour block backpack is a bit of me, tbh. Its priced attractively and with various pockets for your inhaler (especially if you buy Salamol Inhaler brands, they fit really well inside), tissues, sunglasses and I dunno what else you people carry about with you these days.

Colour is easy to do, especially with primary colours but the brown is what makes this. Not sure why. It just does.

I’m off to go up and down some escalators to mimic mountaineers in the metropolis.

You can, indeed should get this from Scotts.

I had pizza for tea.

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