Top of the Pops – 40 Father’s Day Gifts

There was a time when the generation gap was so wide that your Dad was most definitely from a different era. He wore a shirt and tie or at the very least, a sensible shoe. This is 2022 though, and many of the fathers of the world grew up in an era democratised by the internet. It’s Father’s Day soon and with this in mind we thought we’d put together our biggest product round-up ever. There should be something for everyone here, or at least everyone’s Dad. He might not carry off the KEEN Uneek sandals we’ve started with, but he will want to smell nice, or wear a reliable pair of socks. Scroll on to see more.

KEEN Uneek Tie Dye
Ideal for the hard Dads out there who are comfortable with their oldest mates asking them about their rainbow shoes.
Click here

Noah NY Popeye 5-Panel Cap
A legendary cartoon guy with big muscles and penchant for superfoods adorns this excellent hat from New York’s Noah.
Click here

Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm
If your father has managed to retain a healthy head of hair, this should be celebrated. This Aesop Hair Balm will tame unruly hair, which is a phrase your Dad will appreciate. He’s unruly too, after a few Barley Wines.
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Story mfg Mother Earth Rollneck Knit
Ignore the cheap cards stating your Pops is Number One Best Dad and get him this expensive jumper instead. It’s more subtle, with its Number One Best Planet wording on the rear.
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Blue Mushroom Bluetooth LED Speaker
Is Daddy tech savvy? Good, get him this suave bluetooth speaker shaped like a mushroom.
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Asics Hs4-S Gel-Sonoma 15-50 Gtx Trainers Green
There are energetic Dads out there who have a few Tough Mudders under their belt. They know about running gaits, they know the history of Vibram and they’d definitely wear these with some aplomb.
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Admiral Sporting Goods Aylestone T-Shirt
Whatever his age, your Dad will know Admiral. Their premium heritage line is exactly that and he’d appreciate the time, effort and expertise in this tee.
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New Balance 991
The 991 is his fave. He doesn’t say ‘fave’ though because he’s in his 50s.
At Aphrodite Clothing here

Polo Ralph Lauren Shorts
A reliable, timeless pair of swimming shorts, destined to have him saying “You got me these didn’t you, very wise purchase” in about 12 years.
Get from John Anthony here

Puma Tramp
For the eccentric Dad who spends Sunday afternoons in a room nobody else is allowed in, listening to Jazz on very expensive headphones.
Out now at Oi Polloi

Goodhood x Sun Buddies Sunglasses
He’s had his holiday haircut, got some new garms but he needs distinguished specs to complete the look. Here you go then.
Get from Goodhood here

And Wander Dinex Mug
“Nice that, thanks” he says, placing this mug on a shelf. He’ll remember it in 3 months when he gets into camping again. Then he’ll love you even more.
Wellgosh have these, here.

Proper Magazine Issue 39
Yeah, ok, biased. But he’ll like it. Guaranteed.
Get it here.

Lacoste Classic Fit Polo Shirt
There cannot be a more reliable gift than a Lacoste polo. Any Dad who wouldn’t wear this is frankly not worth maintaining contact with. Yep, that drastic.
Fresh Store are your go-to guys for this.

Gramicci Cali Trees T-Shirt
For the environmentally-aware patriarch who always seems well turned-out, even though he makes little fuss about brands and stuff.
Get from their site here

Chaco x Outsiders Z1 Sandals
He turns to his partner, who in some cases will also be your mother and says “Smart them aren’t they?” She’s not really interested but he will spend hours on holiday going on about how comfortable they are, to be met with rolled eyes and tuts. She’s just jealous.
Outsiders have them here

Kavu Grizzly Kit
Shaving gear, Lynx Africa, toothbrush, whatever. Ideal for your holiday trip. Or your Dad’s holiday trip.
Get from Kavu here.

Bellroy City Pouch
Not far off retirement? Already retired? Whatever, he goes on a lot of trips where documents must be secured, key cards stashed away and mobile phone guarded. This city pouch will enable him to arrange all of these.
Parasol Store are the best place to get this.

Falcon Enamelware Plates
These Falcon enamel plates will do the job just as well as any expensive alternatives.
Get at End Clothing here

66°North x HEIMPLANET The Cave XL 4-Season Tent
Possibly the most expensive item on the list but look at it. Go on, look at it!
Get yours here

Victorinox Explorer Swiss Army Multitool – Red
A workshop in your pocket. What more could you need? What more could he need?
Get this from Brokedown Palace here

Patagonia Boardshort Label Trad Cap
“Going a bit thin on top there, old man?” you say. “Here, this is for Father’s Day”. You toss him a little package with a wink. It’s this hat. He tries it on and fails to hide his delight. It’s been a good Father’s Day.
Get it here

Carhartt Delta Travel Organiser
“A lot of muggers there” your father warns, about any European city you mention. With this in mind, you get him this travel organiser which he will guard with his life on any overseas jaunt.
Get it here

Hikerdelic Lunar Tunes Slipmat
One of our own products again, sorry not sorry.
Get yours here

Bound Dogtooth Bucket Hat
Part Morecambe and Wise, part Rudeboy. If that describes your Father, get him this hat.
Get ahead here

Adsum Cargo Tote
Our favourite brand can be his too, with this understated yet eye-catching tote bag.
Bag yours here

The North Face Flyweight Sunshield 5 Panel Cap
He’s not a fan of the sun, really. Ends up reading the paper indoors after 20 minutes, while your mother tops up her tan and becomes a leather woman. Get him this and allow him to soak up some Vit D without having to burn up.
Cap it off here

Casio G-SHOCK GB6900B-1BER Watch
He still thinks TikTok is something to do with telling the time. The G-Shock is a classic design that he’ll appreciate.
Time to get one, here.

Comme des Garcons Copper eu de toilette
It looks like an extravagant e-cigarette but trust us, it’s far less invasive to those around you and it smells better too.
Sniff one out here

MR MARIA Smiley Bundle of Light
Another one for his little ‘den’, if he has one. Or maybe his bedside table, also if he has one. He may be of a certain age where this smiley face resonates.
Light your life up by clicking here

Vans Vault Crew Sock x Julian Klincewicz
How have we got this far without socks? These Vans Vault will resonate with the latent streetwear Dad in your father.
Treat your feet here

Fjallraven Abisko Midsummer Shorts
He likes things that work, your Dad. Fjallraven works.
Swipe some here

RoToTo OG 6 Panel Knit Cap
Known for their attractive socks, this cap is something different from RoToTo, but he’ll like it. You know he will.
Get one here, now

6876 T-Shirt
From a brand named after the Paris Riots and the birth of Punk. Make sure you tell him this. He’ll like it.
Get it here

Klattermusen Algir Bag
Reliable Swedish design, like his prized Volvo.
Get it at Outsiders here

Archivist Gallery Rainbow Matches
He gave up the cigs after that little scare, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the familiar rattle of a nice box of matches.
Old Town General Store have them.

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket
Not all Dads are conventional. This one is for them.
Wrap yourself one up here

Snow Peak Titanium Spork
“So, you see it’s both a spoon and a fork” he says. And he’s right. It is.
Dig in here.

Haeckels Exfoliating Seaweed Block
He’s a modern man, even if he still uses outdated terminology here and there. He says “stop taping me” when you use the video function on your phone. When it comes to grooming, he’s less ‘behind the door’.
Roo’s Beach have them

Poler Adventure Chair
Affordable luxury, that’s what this is. A fold-away chair with room for a beer. Bliss.
Urban Industry have these

Patapaca Melange Tri Sock
More luxury in the form of socks. A treat for his feet.
Yards Store is your destination for these

I had pizza for tea.

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