Top Ten Trousers – Corduroy

Thinking of getting a banner printed that shouts ‘CORDUROY IS NOT A TREND’. I mean, I know it is, but not in our house. Cord has always been a staple, reliable fabric and while it’s having a moment in fashion (darling), its ability to be smart yet scruffy has always found it a place in our sartorial heart.

We’ve made a little list to illustrate this, with ten trousers made of cord that we’d very much like to own, and in some cases actually do own.

Gramicci Corduroy Pant at Oi Polloi
The kings of the climb pant rightfully begin this list. These trousers are proof (as if you need it) that cords aren’t just for kids, girls and Grandads. A very hard-wearing pant with room in all the right areas, I’ve got three pairs of these and only two legs on which to display them. A travesty, tbhwy.
Get yours here

Kavu Chilli Roy Corduroy Pants at End Clothing
Look at the wale on that! Phwoar. If this pair of Kavu kecks were a chocolate bar, they’d be a chunky Kitkat. Not just in terms of how they look but the fact they’re rich, tasty and a lovely chocolatey gift for a loved-one.
Get them here

Stan Ray Fat Pant
Started writing about trousers and realised we’ve been pretty remiss not including much Stan Ray recently. Daft really because they make workwear with a somewhat military tinge. These are the sort of thing a Saw operator from Arkansas wore while sitting on the floor thinking about joining the Marine Corps. In 1994.
Get at the Stan Ray website here

Universal Works Super Chino In Black Japanese Print Cord
Oh you jazzy shower of bastards! Universal Works have raised more bars here than a checkpoint soldier. I mean, sure, I’m not convinced I could wear them but your mate who always looks good in everything. You know him? He could.
Get them here

TSPTR Zuma Pants
I swear I’ve wanted some of these since the dawn of time. They look like something you’d wear to Yogacise in a library. Actually, that’s a bit flippant. They’re a genuinely great pair of trousers and maybe Father Christmas will get it right this year and pop some in a parcel for me on the evening of 24th.
Get them here

Pop Trading Cargo Pant in Corduroy
For when the cargo you’re carrying is a baccy pouch, Bob Marley lighter and a ripped tenner. Am I stereotyping skaters? Maybe.
Get them at Pop’s website

Carhartt WIP Flint Pant at Yards Store
If you’re conservatively cool with two small c’s then Carhartt (with a big ‘c’) are your go to brand. These comfy fit strides are an ideal every day trouser.
Get them here

Engineered Garments Deck Pant in Corduroy at Goodhood
Nice in navy, these deck pants by Daiki’s brand are a classic example that if you spend a little on quality, you’re grateful in the end.
Get them here

Hikerdelic Peace Army Climb Pant
No apologies for the self-indulgence. When we’re not writing about cords, we’re designing them and releasing them with a little logo on. These comfy fit climb pants take a little inspo from the Swiss army too.
Get at here

Hikerdelic Plaid Corduroy Trousers in Brown
You know those blocks of chocolate you get at Christmas? Big ones? That’s what these were based on. Ok, so they weren’t but look at them, they could have been.
Get them here

I had pizza for tea.

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