Training Days (Thames & Hudson)



Training DaysOnce upon a time their were twelve cool kids living in a dirty, dangerous place called New York City. But one day Bil Rock, Breezer, Daze, Jon One, Kel, KR, Lady Pink, Sak, Sharp, Skeme, Spin and Team decided to make that dirty, dangerous city different from all the other crazy cities around the big wide world. And so they each got out their magic spray cans and bombed fuck out of the New York subway system and made the 1970s and early 80s known for all eternity as the Golden age of graffiti. This marvellous book features interviews with all 12 artist who recount just what it took to bring their freezes on the global map as well as fast moving trains. This definitive historical document has been put together by Henry Chalfant  (author of  the legendary Subway Art book) and  Sacha Jenkins  co-founder of ego trip magazine as well as co-author of Eminem’s biog The Way I Am just in case these astounding images haven’t already sold this f-f-f-resh book to you.

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