TSPTR at Grants 1856

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TSPTR gets better and better as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll argue with anyone who says otherwise. The whole peanuts/snoppy thing is a cornerstone of what they’re all about right now, but the brand ethos goes even deeper into that era of Americana where everything seemed a bit cooler. It was before Donald Trump was even a thing, and that alone makes it infinitely more appealing.

Anyway, this keenly curated South Coast English take on West Coast America is a unique thing and one we’ve long appreciated here in North West England. The fact East Coast Grants 1856 are now stocking it means we’ve pretty much got every angle covered.

tsptr-staten-island-x-snoopy-tee-white6-800x800 tsptr-staten-island-x-snoopy-tee-white5-800x800 tsptr-staten-island-x-snoopy-tee-white4-800x800 tsptr-seventh-fleet-x-popeye-tee-white5-800x800 tsptr-seventh-fleet-x-popeye-tee-white7-800x800 tsptr-seventh-fleet-x-popeye-tee-white6-800x800 tsptr-seventh-fleet-x-popeye-tee-white3-800x800 tsptr-red-power-crew-sweater-navy7-800x800 tsptr-red-power-crew-sweater-navy5-800x800 tsptr-red-power-crew-sweater-navy4-800x800 tsptr-woodstock-x-discover-tee-white2-800x800 tsptr-woodstock-x-discover-tee-white7-800x800 tsptr-woodstock-x-discover-tee-white6-800x800 tsptr-woodstock-x-discover-tee-white5-800x800

I had pizza for tea.

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