TSPTR – Cool Californian Counter-Cultural Corduroy

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Russ from TSPTR is one of those people we could legitimately refer to as a mate even though we’ve never met him. Stick with me on this. 

The generation that went before us would struggle with that concept but the digital landscape has brought us together. We’re through the looking glass. 

As avid readers of Proper down the years will know, Russ is something of an expert in all the things you’re into but don’t really know much about. Just when you think he’s geeked out enough, he reveals another layer of intrigue, like some kind of super cool onion. 

It is this detailed knowledge which bleeds directly into all TSPTR designs. Classic military garments are updated to make sense in a contemporary setting. Outerwear worn in ‘Nam is now just as fitting for visiting your Nan. Californian counter-cultural corduroy finds a new home in the highways and byways of Guildford, Wakefield and Cumbernauld. And it works. 

Check out the full range at Yards then send it to all your virtual mates who you’ve never met.

I had pizza for tea.

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