TukTuk Competition: winner announced + 20% discount offer

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Aidan’s surreeal entry of  ‘Wearing them on Rainbow Avenue, just south of Lollipop Lane’ has won him a pair of chinos, if you had your heart set on a pair we’re offering everyone the chance to get a serious 20% discount on a pair available until the end of the week….

OK as spring is officially here, there’s never been a better time to hang your festering denims up and get a nice bit of colour on your legs. No we’re not talking about six minutes on the electric beach, we’re talking about winning a pair of TukTuk’s ace new chinos that come in some lovely and lively Sri-Lankan inspired hues such as mustard, powder blue, dusty red and a more sombre stone for those of you that haven’t got the bottle/arse for exotic coloured kecks.

To be in with the chance of winning a pair, simply comment below telling us your waist size, preferred colour and where your ideal location for strolling around in a pair of Tuk-Tuk chinos is…


  1. Waist – 32″
    Colour – Powder Blue

    Perfect for rambling in the tranquil peaks of Derbyshire on a crisp summers day, followed by a few swift pints in one of the rustic boozers watching the sunset.

  2. 34″ Waist 32″ Leg
    Powder Blue
    Ayia Napa when on holiday watching The Charlatans and The Courteeners.

  3. Waist: 33

    Colour: Dusty Red

    Location: Sunny Saturday afternoon on the Champs Elysées, Paris!

  4. Waist: 32″ Leg: 33″

    Colour: Mustard

    Without doubt strolling along the Tomb of Kings in Kato Paphos (Cyprus) and walking into DT’s Sunset Bar for a very large Keo in my Tuk Tuk Mustard Chinos!!!!!!!!

  5. waist – 30

    colour – powder blue

    Definitely match day! Make the other side jealous as hell…

  6. W30

    Colour – Stone

    Location – Riding through the desert on a horse with no name…

  7. 30″
    light blue
    my hometown on cape cod during the summer

  8. Chris bentley

    W36 colour stone

    Perfect for riding the Vespa down to st kilda beach and taking a stroll along the pier.

  9. Size 32

    Colour – no bottle sand

    Location – Palma Majorca, walking the cool city on my honeymoon in August.

  10. Waist – 32
    Colour – Stone
    Ideal Location – On the football terraces, who said football fans don’t have class??

  11. 32″
    I’d wearing them while swanning around like Eddie Jordan in Banus. Fake it ’til you make it I say. I have the outfit in mind, burgundy Bass tassel loafers, clean white polo and a pair of Clubmasters. It’s a look that says “Do I own a yacht? Of course I do.”

  12. Dreamboat Johnny

    Waist – 36. I’m only a 34 really but 36 fit me better.

    Colour – I’d better go with stone

    Location – fannyin’ about on a yacht.

  13. Jose Oyervides

    Waist 32
    Colour mustard
    Location: Mexican pacific with a Modelo Especial limed & salted bottle in hand aswell!! 😉

  14. Jake Barthram


    Walking around the docks, nice summers day with a beer and plenty of women about!

  15. Jonathan Pain

    Location-Holborn Head at the very north coast of Scotland. Beautiful!

  16. Waist – 32
    Colour – Stone
    Location – Seville

  17. w 36

    Does jumping up and down on James Corden’s head count as strolling?

  18. W – 34
    Music Row in Beautiful Music City USA (Nashville)

  19. waist – 32
    colour – dusty red
    location – on a yacht just off Hyannis Port with preppy don’s John F. Kennedy and Dr. Quincy and a bevy of buxom brunettes

  20. Tom arnold

    Help me out proper. Check the other sizes, I’m the fattest fucker on here:0

  21. Tom arnold

    W36 stone.

    Where? Strolling round the west village for pint of blue moon in the corner bistro then a jaunt down bleecker to see those old soul boys sing outside the faicco pork shop.

    That or down moton high street, Salford. Swift one in the drop and home again.

  22. Tom Crowther

    Beige in 32 would be ideal for strolling along the sea front in my home town in East Devon, or for standing on Exeter’s terrace during the nice warm end to the footy season.

  23. W32
    Colour – Stone
    Kings Garden, Copenhagen. Accompanied by the latest issue of Proper Magazine

  24. Size: 32″
    Colour: Dusty Red
    Location: Rambling on Mount Olympus on Mars.

  25. James Bowthorpe

    Well, 34, stone. Ideally, walking the canals of England, or spring time Alpine Italy, but most likely Brixton.

  26. Waist – 32

    Colour – Stone

    Location – Some poncey London Nightclub, partying with those whoppers of that Essex programme, after beating City at Wembley next month.

  27. Jack Springthorpe

    stone, waist 32 and inner city Baghdad naa only joking, the beach is ideal for them

  28. Powder Blue, W34

    Doing the shopping in Stretford Arndale.

  29. Waist – 34

    Colour – Stone

    Location – Strolling trackside, hands gripping a tin of cliff green molotow, about to outline some steel, like a boss of course!

  30. Waist – 32
    Colour – stone
    An evening stroll through the old town in Havana, followed by a daiquiri at El Floridita – Ernest Hemingway style…

  31. straight line 2

    waist 34

    colour – not arsed

    location – in a knocking shop in Leeds.

  32. Waist – 32
    Colour – Stone
    Location – Cusco.

  33. I’d wear Chinos in China while chatting with Cheryl about Cheddar.

  34. Max Elliott

    waist – 32

    colour – powder blue

    ideal location – When i take the missus to mexico !!

  35. Waist 31/32
    Colour – Stone
    Location – London

  36. W – 33
    Colour – Mustard
    I think I’d be cruising for snatch somewhere in the third world

  37. Ross Crossley

    Waist – 30″
    Colour – Powder Blue
    Ideal Location For Strolling Round in TukTuk Chinos – Anywhere they’re that f*****g cool.

  38. Jonny Olsen

    Waist – 34
    Colour – Stone
    Ideal Location – Jemma Lee

  39. The sombre stone grey Tuk- Tuk chinos would go perfect for a stroll in Teaneck, New Jersey on a warm Spring Day.

    29 or 30 in waist.

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