Tusk Wax : Acid Sundays

Tusk Wax


The Roland TB303. Look, I’m not going to bore you with an explanation of it’s history – because those in the know, need to know no more. What I will say is that everyone’s got a favourite record with that sound. Cue Tusk Wax.

Tusk Wax is an independent label doing that limited pressing of hand stamped vinyl recordsĀ  – one thing they/he is doing where others fail is releasing good fucking music; whether it be on the Porn, Horn or Tusk imprints. If you’re late to the party, don’t be concerned of what’s gone by (you should), but certainly don’t make that mistake again and head straight over to their site to grab what you can.

We wanted something different for our next mix and that’s what he’s delivered for us here – going from around 101 to 127 bpm’s with Roland and his 303 accompanying his selection all the way.

Acid Sundays:

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