Uniformes Generale AW15

Remember when you were about 13 and there was that girl at school with a really big nose and an even bigger forehead? You gave her a really cruel nickname, it caught on and everyone eventually forgot her real name as a result? She probably had a brace too, and hairy legs. Then you saw her a few years later and she had dead nice teeth, and the rest of her face had finally grown enough to catch up with the bulbous forehead/beak combo? And she looked great. And my God, did she know it…

Or is it just me this happened to?

Well, either way, my point is this: Sometimes it takes a little while before dead nice things become at ease with themselves and you can see them for what they are. The relentless Uniformes Generale are back for their third season and if there were ever any shackles on before, they’ve been cast aside with minimum fuss and while their early efforts were solid and impressive, this season is something else altogether.

Their opening year has seen a couple of solid collections, with seriously standout bits each time. This being Autumn/Winter though, it’s right up our street, with down jackets and layering the name of the game. And as you’re probably already aware, they want to be your favourite brand and they’re not prepared to take no for an answer.

Echoing what they did last season, they’re going to drip-feed the collection in stages, which means there’s always something new¬†around the corner.

Not content with making nice clothes in nice colours out of nice fabrics with nice fixtures and fittings, the whole ethos behind the collection borrows a moniker we here at Proper came up with a few years back. Remember issue 12 of Proper Mag? The Hikerdelic Issue? Well, it’s that. It’s a fitting array of gear, deserving of the term Hikerdelic and it looks like something the coolest languages professor in the world would wear. It’s basecamp meets skate ramp. It’s autumn rambler meets pub crawl ambler. It’s a dusting of Italian style mixed in with Ivy League vibes… Preppy Guiseppe, if you will?

It’s ideal for your climbs and poorly-conceived rhymes. So that’s me covered then.

Have a look at the first drop and keep your eyes peeled for chapter 2.


Mark Smith

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