Uniformes Generale Bueller Shell Jacket

Imagine if the 1990s proto-scally had somehow managed to alter his mind just enough to time travel around 50 years into the future. His haircut would remain the same, his malnutrition and general pasty-faced presence would still be there. His jeans might be slightly less baggy and the sole on his Gazelles will probably need replacing. Crucially though, his Berghaus or his Henri Lloyd jacket would morph into something like this.

Taking the best bits of the 1990s and reworking them using modern techniques and fabrics, Uniformes Generale continue to evolve into something rather nice. It comes in a rather fetching, standout icy blue colour with a sprinkling of chocolate on the top, in the shape of the hood. There are notes of old Dupe detailing with leather straps helping to adjust said hood. It’s not too dear either. It’s basically a jacket from 2045 but with a 1995 price tag.

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