Uniformes Generale Indigo Outerwear

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The jovial juggernaut that is Uniformes Generale shows no signs of stopping. Why should they though? I genuinely reckon there’s nothing in their AW15 collection I wouldn’t wear. What I mean is I’d wear it all. They’re doing their best to make me wear it all too, with various loyalty offers and promotions.

Rather than just skim over it all, I thought I’d talk about my favourite bits. I’m informed I’ve got too much navy blue in my wardrobe, not that I’m arsed. I know what I like, navy suits me… and anyway YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD.

Depending on which clickbait internet sources you read, we’re in for everything from a mild winter to 36 days of snow. Best cover all bases then.

For layering and looking smart, go with the Steve McQueen/Top Gun vibe with the Hurricane Bomber Jacket. Like the Harrington, the Duffel coat, the Mountain Parka and the cagoule, the Bomber Jacket is one of those items that’s never really out of style. It’s for the type of man who spends a lot of money on skincare and isn’t arsed who knows.


Substantial though it is, the Hurricane Bomber Jacket might not be the wisest choice when the snowflakes start their reluctant, relentless descent. For those occasions, you’ll need something a little more robust. How about the Stonemasters Stowe Hood Real Down Jacket. It might be more of a mouthful than that town with the long name in Wales, but it’s justified. The European feel is mashed up with mountain mentalist vibes. Look at it.

AW15-JACKETS_0005_NAVY-STONEMASTERS-2.png AW15-JACKETS_0006_NAVY-STONEMASTERS-BACK-2.png AW15-JACKETS_0007_NAVY-STONEMASTERS-STYLED.png_5b26471f-cedd-46e3-9e98-f220f9801d7c DET_20_096 DET_20_097 NAVY_ANGLE

And finally, look at this. The Mothership. No words needed really. You’ll struggle to find better value this winter and unless you’re a lottery winner, you’ll struggle to find anything better full stop. If you’ve bought from UG before, check your loyalty points and you might find yourself a nice surprise.


I had pizza for tea.

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