Universal Works Cord Trucker Jacket

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Made with a boxy fit so you can nip in and out of your big rig without any awkward arse/coat snagging situations the trucker jacket is without a doubt a bonafide menswear classic. Universal Works are great at this kind of thing, taking a well loved wardrobe staple and giving it a subtle design tweak here and a luxurious bit of fabric there. Resulting in exactly the kind of gear the modern man wants to wear, not overly fussy but you can tell there’s a lot of thought and consideration gone into their unique brand of wonderful workwear. This beautiful brown, brisbane cord number is also the perfect piece of transitional gear for wearing throughout the end of summer, into autumn and then layered beneath something chunky in Winter.

Buy a UW Cord trucker jacket from Oi Polloi here.


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