Universal Works Penny Wool Suit Jacket


I hate to say this but it’s almost ‘Christmas Do’ time. Just you wait til Bonfire night is out of the way then our city streets will be awash with boozed up banter berks and tearful temps right up until it’s 2017. I swear some people only ever go out and get pissed once a year and for some reason choose the works festive knees up for this auspicious occasion that usually ends up in tears/projectile vomiting onto statues. That’s not for us though is it? We can handle our booze even when it’s free or involves red wine. Though it would be preferable to avoid this form of enforced celebration with people you have very little in common with completely, sometimes it just has to be done and sometimes you have to dress ‘smart’. That’s another thing everyone gets dead excited about isn’t it? The works do outfit *rolls eyes* is often planned for months in advance with the eventual decision reached after many, many hours spent deliberating in Next or on BooHoo.com. Again we’re all way to cool for this bullshit but still you can’t turn up in a track pants and M65 when everyone else looks like they’re dressed up to go to a really shit opera can you? So rather than going ‘smart, smart’ you opt for a relatively new pair of jeans, Clarks (suede mind), a button down shirt and a jacket that will get you through the night without anyone asking you if you’re an ‘army man’ or a ‘druggie’. The kind of jacket that will also leave you something suitable to wear for the rest of the year too because it’s still 100% cool to wear the rest of the year and hasn’t ended up being  left behind in a taxi having been used to clean up a fiesta of second-hand rioja and tinsel-tainted tears. Personally I can’t think of a better jacket for this job than Universal Works Wool Suit Jacket, that should cover all the requirements of the aforementioned party season and also have the girls/boys from HR plying you with snowballs and desperately searching for some mistletoe. In fact you could even match it up with a pair of Aston pants if you actually like the people you’re going on the Christmas do with however unlikely that may be.

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