Unrecorded Denim Worker Jacket

Not all denim should be associated with Status Quo or those fancy dress train drivers you see at trade shows. I’m talking to industry types re: the latter. You know the ones.

Denim has a weird and conflicting etymology, reputedly taking its name from Nîmes, a town so cool it wears a little hat over the letter i. The phrase Serge de Nîmes gave rise to the word ‘denim’ and the rest is history. The Italian port city of Genoa (or Genova if you’re local) also plays a part. Without checking I can tell you the French word for the city is Genes which led to the word Jeans. I could google this and get it pretty exact but the fact I know this without googling it is impressive enough, I feel.

Anyway, Unrecorded is a brand based in Amsterdam, that famous old city in the Netherlands. Their tasteful and refined take on clothing is characteristically cosmopolitan and European and it’s exactly the kind of thing I wish we had in the UK.

This worker jacket is like a lot of modern workwear, in that it can still be worn to work in, but perhaps instead of being sported by labourers or industrial works, it instead would hang really nicely off the back of a web designer or perhaps a personal trainer taking an afternoon off. If that sounds like a bit of you, head to their website and find out more, or alternatively google the history of denim then email me to tell me my research is shoddy.

See more of this sort of thing by clicking here and heading to Unrecorded.

See more of this sort of thing by clicking here and heading to Unrecorded.

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