Urban Hiking with Haglöfs

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We were lucky enough to go on an urban hike in Manchester recently with a bunch of like-minded mates and some appropriate attire and footwear from Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs. Being a progressive brand Haglöfs felt like a natural pairing with a city that prides itself on being a place where revolutionary things happen and the boundaries are always being pushed in a forward direction.

Eddy Rhead from The Modernist was our tour guide for the day and explained in fascinating detail how the rainy city was responsible for an astounding amount of global game-changers. There were too many to mention here but we all came away having learned something new whether native or not. Somewhat appropriately Manchester is the place where both trainers and the waterproof anorak were invented, not to mention the birth place of the industrial revolution, the communist manifesto, the splitting of the atom, the computer and well you get the picture.

Big shout out to Haglöfs for supplying us with the amazing kit that easily stood up to Manchester’s ever-changing weather demands. Thanks also to the legend that is Brian Cannon for the incredible photography, Detail Creative for the equally impressive video footage, This Thing of Ours for the exceptional Northern hospitality and Manchester Union Lager for the very refreshing brewery tour.


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