USA CONCACAF 2017 Gold Cup jersey by Nike

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The USA CONCACAF Gold Cup shirt from Nike is easily the most positive thing to happen in the land of the free under emperor Donald Trump’s watch (I’d say ‘so far’ but my hopes aren’t high).

Launched on the 4th of July, the USA will don the strip during the Gold Cup taking place this month. Hosted in the US, the Gold Cup competition is FIFA’s invention to give the lads in the stars and stripes a chance to win something. I haven’t seen the fixtures but they usually line-up against the likes of Guam, Curacao and the Perro y Pato, before meeting Mexico in the final.

As a tournament it would have more credence if it had been invented purely for the US to wear this amazing strip and no-one would mind that. Looking like an Avengers uniform designed by Gosha Rubchinskiy, it would look as slick on Captain America doing Skrullos away as it will on Clint Dempsey and whoever else turns-out for the Yanks these days. I dunno where you can buy it from but the internet will.

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