Uskees kit out General Store

Uskees have already developed a reputation for putting their money where their mouth is. They say their gear is long lasting, so they supply a free repair kit. And when they say they do a workshirt, they mean you can literally go to work in it. To reinforce the point, they’ve teamed up with fellow sustainable shopping advocates, General Store, to provide their staff with a twist on the traditional uniform.

General Store has grown into something of a Manc institution over the last 15 years or so, offering punters sustainable shopping options, vegan produce, and local brands. As a regular visitor to the Ancoats branch, I can confirm that they also boast a top notch selection of beers as well. The Uskees collab has been launched to coincide with the latest store (number 7) opening in Media City. As far as partnerships go, this looks like one that’s built to last.

Find out more about the collab here.

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