Fresh Veja drop and restocks at Aphrodite

Veja’s eco-friendly trainers deserve the praise. 

“Eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are words that get thrown around left, right and centre in the fashion industry. Often backed up with little substance by brands that don’t particularly care, the environmentally friendly label is used to appease people who care about the planet and want to make change for the better. Because of this,  finding a decent brand with a passion for economic and ecological equality can be tricky – but a good place to start is always Veja.

Born in 2005, the French brand has made it its focus to maintain equality in everything they do. Their footwear is constructed using sustainable, sometimes vegan materials to create the clean trainers that we all love. Unlike a lot of brands, however, Veja doesn’t just stop at materials. Instead, they make it their mission to dig below the surface, tracing the roots of their supply line directly back to their farms in Brazil where they provide fair wages to the local workers. 

While the focus of Veja is often on their eco-friendly approaches, their shoes aren’t half-bad either. Models such as the Campo, Esplar and Rio Campo offer a crisp look with surprisingly comfortable cushioning. The trainers are versatile, classy and if we haven’t mentioned it enough already, eco-friendly. 

Check out some of the brand’s offerings below or head to Aphrodite to secure a pair.

Veja at Aphrodite Clothing

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