Veras Santander SS14

As soon as I first saw Veras new summer Santander shoe I was transported to the terrace of Cafe Del Mar, easing into the end of a comedown by licking a refreshers ice lolly while  listening to DJ Pierre. The sun is setting and everyone is whispering”Look at his shoes man! They’re shoes from a new age! We can all live as one in those shoes! Where you from and what you on?”

Actually they weren’t because Veras head hombre Neil Morris hadn’t made them then, though he was probably dreaming about them during his own similar post-rave comedown and thinking that he’d quite like to live in Spain one day.

He did live in Spain one day and he did go on to make shoes (obviously). This latest update of the classic Veras Santander espadrille has slightly tweaked the colourway from previous versions. The blue, khaki and green palette has been joined by a shoe with a more adventurous approach. The classic features and silhouette remain and the commitment to and skill of Spanish craftsmanship is as ever to the fore.


With the re-rise of Reebok, the white jeans manoeuvres and the ongoing neckerchief/bandana-creep, Acid House steez is the go-to Summer style for men of a certain thingy. The Naf Naf revival can only be moments away. The emergence this summer of groups of white Northern males dressing like The Farm circa 1990, could be as inevitable as England losing something on penalties.

(Ironically the only footballer in the England team who wears boots less colourful than the Santander, Leighton Baines, is the only player likely to have a pair packed for the Copacabana this summer and Leighton wears Saucony and Beams Plus so Leighton digs it).

People going-on about shoes often say it but these shoes really do speak for themselves. Haters gonna hate but I love their combo of brassneck and beauty and if Marshall Jefferson taught us anything its that’s love, light and happiness (and really good drugs) will always find the way. (Hug!)

Veras Santander will be available very soon from Hip Leeds, Number Six London, Weekend Offender London and




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