Veras x Casual Connoisseur Cord Shoes

It was the noted Italian Situationist Gianfranco Sanguinetti who said “Give me shoes made from corduroy and I will give you your dreams (and if you could bang a crepe sole on them that’d be sweet)”. Sanguinetti knew a thing or two about shoes, as do the chaps at Veras and Casual Connoissuer, who have made all our dreams come true with a new collaboration inspired by Sanguinetti, extreme Cas-Lux and the Mancunian casual disciples who flew the cord shoes flag in the 1980’s.


Designed under North Western clouds and made in sunny Spain, the VERAS x Casual Connoisseur cord shoes are a trouser-stickying combination of cord, leather and crepe that could conjure up a myriad of retail marketing words but are best summed-up by the phrase ‘Cool as fuck’.

Available in disgustingly sexy hues of navy blue, burgundy, whiskey and a sandy/biegey/creamy colour, they’re shoes that put the famous Manchester cloth to its coolest use since the sixties when it was used to make Steve McQueen’s famous cord undies.



Crafted from luxuriant brushed cord, sourced from the famous cord-hide cows of Carboneras in Southernish Spain, detailed with sensuality and wit and finished with raw-hide leather laces and traditional Spanish /Veras quality, they’re absolutely beautiful and an instant classic. I mean…just look at them ffs (I’m swooning with every viewing here).



Manufactured to strict limited quantities at no compromise on quality and detail, they are available exclusively from



  1. like being 16 again and reading the pages of Men Only and Club.

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