VETRA No 4 Workwear Jacket


If you’ve ever wondered why everything in France looks just that little bit cooler than everywhere else does, it’s pretty much down to their ‘Vetements du Travaillier‘ or workwear as us rostbifs like to call it. You’ll find that no French street scene is complete without the appearance of an enigmatic work man buzzing about in one of those four pocket, cotton twill, button up jackets whether they’re changing lightbulbs on the Eiffel Tower or fixing fishing nets in Frejus. The most famous manufacturers of these trademark gallic garments are Vetra, a Parisian brand that’s been around since the 1920s and who still make all their jackets in France using traditional methods and fabrics to this day. If you’ve ever owned one then you’ll know that they last pretty much forever and actually improve with age like a fine wine, a nice French one. And despite their strong French credentials or fre-dentials as I like to call them, these functional jackets also look damn fine on us Brits too. Which is why Grants 1856 have got trois different colours of Vetra’s No 4 jacket for you to choose from whether you’re into tinkering with 2CVs at le weekend or not.

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