Vintage Menswear: A Collection From The Vintage Showroom

If glimpsing the vintage garments that inspired Osti in the recent Ideas From.. book has left you with a insatiable hunger for more quality garment based literature, then you really need to get hold of Vintage Menswear.

Featured within its beautiful, big pages are 130 extraordinary examples from Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett’s Vintage Showroom, a hallowed place where the world’s finest designers come to gather information and inspiration from this vast collection whilst putting together their future collections. Split into three separate sections of Sportswear, Militaria and Workwear, there’s everything here to fulfil your vintage clothing needs. From beautifully patina’d Belstaffs and Barbours to a marvellously detailed yellow sailing coat that I would personally give my right arm for. Not to mention a host of military parkas and French denim, oh the pleasure never ends. I guarantee you’ll be jaw agape and dribbling all over the show by the time you make it to the final page of this fascinating collection of Twentieth century tailoring. It also begs the question, how many pieces of today’s clothing will still look this good in sixty years time?


Buy it here: www.laurenceking.com

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