Visvim SS17 at Peggs & Son

OK so we might not all be able to drop a bag of sand on a new jacket but we can still dream can’t we? We can look, we can admire and we can plan for when our boat does finally come in and just which bits of Visvim we’ll be seen in whilst driving round the estate in our brand new convertible Bentley. Or, perhaps you really got your head down¬†at school and have now achieved the key to sartorial splendour through grafting hard rather than scratching cards. If so allow me to show you these wonderful Japanese wares that actually justify both the price and the hullabaloo. Sublime detailing, rarer than hen’s teeth¬†deadstock fabrics and just the right amount of everything else come together to make Visvim the brand the many of our other favourite labels aspire to be. Actually sack winning the lottery, I might just sell a portion of that gear under my bed that I’ve not worn for 3 years and sell it so I can get some ‘quality over quantity. balance in my life.

Check out one of the greatest clothing labels in the world at Peggs & Son here.


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