Vollebak Launches Ultralight Technical Equator Pants

Whether your appetite is whetted by the marketing spiel or the product itself doesn’t really matter, because in Vollebak you’ve got someone who’s great at both.

Their newly released Equator pant is ostensibly a really well-constructed, ultralight trouser that’s built for use in the office as well as the harshest of climates.

These trousers are made from one of the lightest and softest fabrics on the planet. Karnak Menoufi is a rare, silk-like cotton that is only found in the Nile Delta and will only grow when the specific weather conditions are right. Combining this fabric with a touch of nylon makes them that bit more durable, while always keeping that soft comfort.

The Equator Pants are also highly breathable, UV resistant, dry fast after downpours, and they’re engineered with an advanced ventilation system built with 332 laser-cut vents to keep you comfortable even in the most extreme heat.

All in all, this is a pair of pants you’ll find yourself wishing you had multiple pairs of, such is their infinite wearability.

You can get them from Vollebak here, now.

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