Wawwa Recycled Plastic Black Bum Bag

Seeing as we’ve covered wax jackets and bucket hats we may as well tick another festival essential off the list by including the sweet bum bag from Wawwa. Refreshing though it is to see it being given it’s proper name of bum bag they’ve also referenced the phrase fanny pack for our American cousins as well as the ‘crossbody’. Which I have to say is a new one on me, where do they call it that? Answers on a postcard please.

Made in conjunction with Spanish brand Lefrik this versatile pack has been made using 100% recycled plastic that’s been salvaged from the sea because that’s just how Wawwa roll and well, we all need to do our bit don’t we? Featuring a hand-stitched logo it has a surprisingly roomy 4L capacity and is also waterproof. Which means it should be able to handle some serious festival escapades from crowd surfing to the Killers to coming down with the Cure.

Buy a Wawwa Recycled Plastic Bum Bag here.


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