Wawwa ‘See the Wood’ Organic T-Shirt

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Ever come across that whole #vanlife thing on instagram? Mad isn’t it? Who are these people who can put their worldly possessions into a expensively restored old shed on wheels then piss off around America?

I’m jealous, which is why you’ll be able to detect envy in my tone. What a life? Loads of knitted blankets, about 3 pairs of underpants (to be washed in like, a river or something) and a dog with a very twee name. Maybe you’ve got a girlfriend with you who looks healthier than anyone there has ever been in the world, ever? Yep.

You get the idea? It’s a bit of me that. Apart from the fact I can’t drive, I have a drawer stuffed with briefs and dogs make me sneeze.

Anyway, the shot of this smashing Wawwa tee has hints of the very lifestyle I have described above and that makes me want it even more. Rapidly becoming a beacon of what brands should be in 2019, Wawwa need to stop doing such good things, if only to stop embarrassing the rest of us.

I had pizza for tea.

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