Weekend Wears – Universal Works, Yogi, Ralph Lauren and more

Universal Works Stayout Jacket
A no nonsense padded jacket to be thrown on with any outfit whenever the weather turns baltic. Four sizable pockets to carry all those winter amenities. Uni works at their finest – inoffensive and classy.
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Filson Sherpa Fleece Jacket
Filson make clothes for lumberjacks and truckers and apparently trendy graphic designers now too. The tasteful forest green polartec high pile fleece is serious, toasty, durable tackle and as always, extra points are awarded for a well placed inside pocket.
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Oi Polloi Tee
Sturdy Jersey in a chocolate brown, delish.
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Ralph Lauren Cords
Ralph Cords with a drawstring waistband might just be the apex of trouser manufacturing. Walk around with the collab of the year caressing your legs… Smart x Casual
Aphrodite have these

Druthers socks
Took a pair of these home from work the other week and out of all the expensive socks I’ve acquired by illicit means throughout my years in retail, these take the biscuit. The correct thickness and stretch. Might have to treat myself to another when the boss ain’t looking
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Yogi Fairfield Boot
Yogi’s shoemaking is striking a chord at the moment; timeless aesthetics are paired with an excellent selection in materials. The combination of tumbled leather, rope laces and a crepe rubber sole sounds like the recipe for either a top-quality boot or some hooky bondage gear. Thankfully it’s the former but if anyones handy with a sewing machine we’d be open to seeing the latter.
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