Weekend Wears – Bonus Edition ft. Snow Peak, Montbell + more

For this final Weekend Wears of 2022 we elicited the keen eye of in-house clothing designer extraordinaire as if a solitary female outfit somehow balances up the fact everything else has been for bloody blokes.

Sophie Scott spends her days designing our own Hikerdelic brand, which she loves so much she’s not included one piece of it in this outfit. Or maybe she didn’t want to boast. Yes, that’ll be it.

Cold in both senses of the word.

“All I want(ed) for Christmas is a Snow Peak hat.”

Snow Peak Takibi Hat
Fittingly festive and suitably snug, this top titfer hails from Snow Peak’s TAKIBI range, built from a resilient, lightweight 100% Aramid fabric. It can be worn in a few different ways, all of which look smart.
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Haglofs Men’s Puffy Mimic Hooded Jacket
One of several genuine outdoor brands from Scandinavia, there’s an authenticity that underpins a suave Swedish sensibility in Haglofs and their gear. This Mimic effort comes correct in a shade of yellow that feels synonymous with Sweden.
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Montbell Versalite Pack 15
There’s something of the toffee wrapper in this ripstop backpack. Its considered yet cool design is what you’d expect from the brand founded by Isamu Tatsuno almost half a century ago.
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Elmer Deep Pile Gloves
We can’t stop telling everyone we meet how smart these gloves are. If you’re in the business of protecting all ten fingers and the palms to which they’re attached, then Elmer really are the only choice as far as we’re concerned.
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Gramicci Cargo Pants
This being an outfit for a girl, things like trousers warrant a bit more consideration than say – a hat. Thankfully, Gramicci are experts at making legwear that has enough room in all the right places no matter what shape the junk in your trunk is. Or even if you have any junk. Or indeed a trunk. Not sure where we’re going with this. You get the idea though, yeah?
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Gramicci Men’s Soft Rib Crew Socks
The plethora or fit pics that litter social media usually involve someone trying to look dead natural while standing self-consciously, looking at their feet. It’s fitting in this case though, because Gramicci’s socks are both literally and metaphorically overlooked. A brand known for its trousers makes nice socks too.
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Salomon XT-4 Shoes
If 2022 was the year Salomon really manoeuvred itself up the footwear popularity charts, 2023 will surely be the year they reach peak popularity. Does that mean the cool kids will move on, or will the brand itself sidestep being trendy to remain relevant. Who knows, or indeed cares? They make nice footwear now and that’s enough for us.
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