Weekend Wears – Christmas Edition

We’ve been doing these for a while now. Almost missed out this week’s with all the festive fuss, but found a pocket of time in which to pull together a Christmassy ‘fit, featuring Moncler, Barbour, Stone Island, New Balance and Father Christmas. Not the real one, just one of his many doppelgangers. We know he can’t possibly be everywhere.

Barbour Scarf – Classic Tartan Merino Cashmere
Very little should need saying about this. It perhaps takes the bronze medal behind Burberry and Aquascutum in the neck-protection stakes, but that’s a fantastic effort really. Iconic and a little more understated than the aforementioned brands.
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Moncler Maya Jacket – Garnet Red
If you’re gonna spend a load of your Christmas cash on something standout, and still festive, you could do a lot worse than this Moncler Maya Jacket. It’s what Santa wears on his work’s Christmas ‘do’.
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Stone Island Sweatpants
We toyed with the idea of making this outfit fully red, a kind of homage to the image of that famous bearded gift-giver. But if you read up on your actual history (or is it folklore?), the red fella was originally glad in green. That led to us nodding to the heritage of Mary’s husband, albeit through these sporty Stone Island sweatpants.
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New Balance 550 Trainers – White
Ordinarily we’d fix our eyes on the sleek end of the New Balance offering, thinner soles, more aerodynamic and less weighty. It won’t have escaped your notice however, that the weather isn’t exactly suited to ergonomically engineered shoes so instead we’re going with a strury 550, suited to the court even when it’s a bit icy.
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