Weekend Wears – ft Berghaus, New Balance and more

Berghaus Ice Cap 78 at Oi Polloi
Returning “very soon” the Ice Cap is perhaps the most iconic of all Berghaus outerwear creations and the fact it’s returning at its fighting weight of under 200 pounds is a real boon. Oi Polloi have done their thing with this and now we all want one, don’t we?
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Gramicci 4 Way Stretch Jogger Pants
Modern day tracky pants for the ageing scallies, these Gramicci efforts are also pegged back in the sale at Yards Store, so you know you’re getting a bargain pair of trousers that is as comfortable on your bank balance as it is on your ballbag. Sorry for saying ballbag btw.
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New Balance 1500 at Aphrodite
There are few more heartwarming sights for footwear fanatics than a pair of New Balance 1500 in 50 suedes of grey. These are constructed from pigskin leather though, so they’ll protect you that bit more than the more familiar suede versions. Underfoot, they benefit from Encap, which may sound like some sort of charity but is actually comfort technology, so think on.
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Cableami Quilted Cap at Fresh
Rounding off a look that screams rave veteran looking for rare records is this corduroy classic from Cableami. The Japanese hatmaker has been around since 2008, protecting pates as they dig through crates.
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Elmer Mittens at Outsiders
Sure, gloves are fine but once you’ve seen these you’ll be mitten by the bug. Sorry. When the UK gets its 4cm of snow and everyone starts thinking they’re in the Alps, these mittens will be a godsend. Ideal for fashioning flakes into snowballs and generally looking dead considered on the terraces, Elmer are a brand that know their onions, glove wise.
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I had pizza for tea.

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