Weekend Wears ft. Brain Dead, Gramicci, C.P. Company and more

Having gone full-on stealth for Black Friday last week, we thought we’d change things up with some anti-camo from the recent Gramicci x Brain Dead collaboration, with a couple of mainstays thrown in for good measure.

Ralph Lauren Corduroy Cap at Aphrodite
A brand like Ralph could barely a better host for that juxtoposition of sport and formal. Cord on a baseball cap makes no sense in some ways, but makes all the sense in others. We’re here for the latter.
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C.P. Company DD Shell Hooded Down Jacket at Pockets
This will keep you both feeling warm and looking cool. If there’s a better winter wear combo, we’re yet to find it.
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Brain Dead x Gramicci Mountaineering Jacket
Do you possess the stones to pull this off? Of course you do. Plus, it’s Christmas and the world is polluted with dafties wearing fancy dress and Christmas jumpers. If this feels outlandish (especially paired with the pants below) then don’t worry.
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Brain Dead x Gramicci Mountain Pants
Famed for their climbing pants, you can trust Gramicci to deliver on legwear. Match these trousers with the jacket and make a real statement.
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Merrell Moab Speed GORE-TEX Trainers
Coming in colours synonymous with the outdoors (usually jackets) and also proving that 3 colours are always more interesting than 2 (see also football kits). They’ll also keep you dry, which should be a given, but often isn’t.
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Montbell Alpine Thermo Bottle
The increasing demand for a reusable drinking vessel is all around us. Few people’s commute is complete without a little swig from something that looks like it’d fuel the Deloreon in Back to the Future. Here’s the one we’ve chosen for this outfit.
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