Weekend Wears – Ft. Klattermusen, Flower Mountain + More

Our weekly attempts at putting together a nice little outfit have tailed off a bit since the end of last year. We’ve just been a bit busy. But we’re back with a bang, featuring one of our favourite Scandinavian brands together with some footwear we’re in love with from Japan.

Klattermusen Runa Token T-Shirt
Whether you just throw on any old t-shirt or start your entire outfit with one, we can all agree a nice fit, minimal branding and comfort all play a part. Klattermusen make outdoor clothing, so they fit the bill here like a muzzle on a duck.
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Klattermusen Men’s Atle 2.0 Jacket
Going a step further than the t-shirt, we can attest to the sheer quality of this lightweight jacket, which packs a heavyweight punch.
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F/ce Rcycl Wool Boa Pants
The fact we’re frequently warned about snowbombs and mad weather conditions means we must remain prepared not just with the right jacket but suitable strides. Kecks. Pants. Trousers.
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Flower Mountain Kotetsu Man Hooks Trainers
Our own Hikerdelic collab with this Japanese brand was a great experience and the shoes made us very proud. The colour on these, with their slight variation on lacing makes them just as appealing.
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