Weekend Wears – Ft. Patrick, Kavu & adidas

We’re in the thick of the football season now so thought we’d acknowledge our roots and nod knowingly back to a terrace-inspired outfit. Though the casual movement has long since stopped its forward momentum, it’s still a style with a lineage in possession of a number of iconic garments that don’t need a trend to validate them. We’ve attempted to show that in this latest Weekend Wears.

Patrick Windrunner
A blast from the past that looks pretty relevant today too. Just relaunched. Read more about it here.
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Fresh Frida Fleece
Made in Italy and the perfect partner for the lightweight cagoule mentioned above. A few other options on show here
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Kavu Cords at Oi Polloi
Pairing up some comfy cords with a cagoule and fleece is the perfect dress-down dressing up outfit, we reckon.
Get on them here.

adidas Jeans at Aphrodite
It could only be a three-striped shoe that we accompanied this terrace-influenced ‘fit with. Built for durability with Cordura fabric, these are winter-appropriate. It also means we’ve got Cagoule, Corduroy and Cordura, which has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
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