Weekly Round Up – 12/2/21

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Welcome to this week, it was very similar to last week.

As we head off for the weekend (or what someone on Twitter accurately described as a “two-day lunch break”) we thought we’d jot down a few things which we felt like sharing from our various trials and tribulations this week.

Life of a Mountain
Hiking and traipsing up hills has become very much a thing during the pandemic. We’ve all experienced the horror of trying those old trousers on and not being able to get the top button up. Life of a Mountain is a three part series on the iPlayer about three Lake District mountains and it’s really good. Thanks to @MarpleLeaf for the heads up on Twitter.

What Hood is This?!

From environments that require a hood to the actual hood. Crime Faces is easily the best account on Instagram and if you’re not following you’ll need to remedy this situation with immediate effect.

Speaking of neighborhood conflicts…
With the nights getting lighter the window of opportunity for would-be burglars to use the cover of darkness is closing. With this in mind, this week saw one of our number foil a sneak thief. Ancoats really does deserve a fly on the wall style documentary. Maybe we should make it.

You might be aware we work closely with Swedish outdoor brand Haglofs here in the UK. They recently received a prestigious industry award for their Nordic Expedition Down Jacket. While plenty of brands can lay claim to being really, really good, the trusty Swedes are as reliable as they come when it involves outerwear.

He’s not a cat
Ok, you’ve already seen it, but speaking from a week of experience, it doesn’t get any less funny.

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BTS = Behind The Scenes. Joe and H were in deepest, darkest Cheshire earlier this week shooting Hikerdelic SS21. Mad times. Then Joe’s housemate got a positive test. Even madder times. Anyway, this gear should see the light of day next week. We’re mega chuffed with it. Yes, chuffed. Do people even still say that?

I had pizza for tea.

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