Weekly Round Up – 12/3/21

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I won’t lie. This week has been pretty uneventful by our usual standards. No attempted break-ins, no photoshoots, nothing of much note. It’s been one of those weeks of getting our heads down and doing stuff which we’ll end up showing off about in the future, I guess. Still, we’ve committed to doing this weekly update and we know millions of you out there won’t be able to sleep tonight without having heard about what we’ve done. So… without further gibberish, here’s the weekly round up.

Hikerdelic Caps
We’ve done some fruity caps with yet more tremendous Daren Newman branding onboard. Get on them at hikerdelic.com

Smashed Cafetiere x 2

Martin has held his hands up and accepted responsibility for dropping one of them. He will have his wages docked accordingly. The second broken cafetiere though, remains a mystery. Fingers are silently pointing at Matt because he’s notoriously clumsy, but there’s a lot of suspicion around the place right now. Until we’ve got to the bottom of it, nobody is allowed in the kitchen. We take our coffee very seriously. If there’s anyone out there who would like to furnish us with stuff to review, we’d be very happy to do so. Picture is nicked off google images because we’ve thrown ours in the bin. You get the idea.

Magazine movement

The next issue is out next month. Prepare to be surprised and amazed in equal measure. There’s always time for you and your brand (if you’ve got one) to be included.

Yogi Video

We were hoping to have this available to share this week but time has beaten us. It’s really good though. Nice music. Lovely way to put spring in your step. We’ll almost certainly be releasing it next week.

Speaking of Yogi

Our next round of collaborative shoes are quite possibly the most beautiful product we have created thus far. You know that suede which is so nice you almost want to spread some butter on it and eat it? Well, we’ve got that. We’ve also got some sturdy leather versions. Let’s just say they’re like Hippy Rockports and leave it there for now.

Deutschland 89

This is an essential watch. Get it on All4.

Coming 2 America

It was never going to be as good as the original, but as belated sequels go, it was really very good you know. Lots of smirks and nose laughs here.

I had pizza for tea.

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