Weekly Round Up – 19/2/21

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Woah, what? It’s Friday again already? Someone better write a round-up. Where’s Mark?

Just wing it?


Well, the office’s insatiable appetite for true crime dramas shows no sign of abating. This week we’ve been watching Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel on Netflix, which is as dark as you might expect. But it did lead onto a discussion about the worst hotels we’ve ever stayed in. A certain central Manchester hotel on the cusp of the Northern Quarter cropped up more than once. Drawing back the curtains to reveal, well nothing – just a bare wall, was one of the more printable anecdotes.

We’ve been listening to the excellent Song Exploder podcast on Spotify, where musicians take apart one of their best loved tracks and tell the story of how it was made. We enjoyed the Tame Impala episode in particular, but can guarantee there’s something in there for everyone.

In the Champions League this week, MbappĂ© has been Kylian it. The French flyer looks just as cool off the pitch as he does on it in his Nike ACG. We’re big into Nike ACG here at Proper. Just gonna leave that there for now…

In other news, H’s motorcycle dashcam prototype has hit a few road blocks. But if anyone’s keen to invest, contact him directly.

Competition time! Which member of Team Proper’s gaff is this?

Wrong! The answer is none. This is a set we put together for a shoot this week. Based on Matt’s flat. We can’t tell you what it’s for but all will be revealed in the next couple of weeks.

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