Weekly Round Up – 19/3/21

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Another mad busy week concludes. We’ve just had a nice pizza delivered and all is well with the world. Our U.S.A Hikerdelic gear has also landed and we’ve even launched a new website. What else has caught our eye this week? Well, read on to find out.

Noah x New Order
Following their link-up with Kevin Cummins and hot on the heels of Levi’s Vintage Clothing doing a range entirely inspired by Happy Mondays, Noah are back digging around in the archives of Mancunian cultural gold with a New Order collaboration. It’s weird for us sitting here on the periphery of Manchester city centre seeing stuff we probably don’t fully appreciate being seen as cool. We should probably be quicker to acknowledge we do actually live in a very clued-up part of the world.

Hikerdelic U.S.A
Mentioned it above but we’ve managed to get super limited numbers of our U.S.A made range from our stateside team. They’re genuinely super limited (about 4 of each colour) and as you can imagine they aren’t quite as affordable as some of the other stuff we sell, but you get what you pay for and all that. Watch out for them next week.

Other Hikerdelic stuff
We’ve spent most of the last two days immersed in SS22 Hikerdelic. This on the back of launching our new website on Wednesday. What do you think of it? It’s like we’ve grown up isn’t it? Have a look at New Gordie stripe tees are good.

Jacket of the week

Saw this on the Rag Parade instagram. How perfect is it?

Tony Soprano in Vilnius

This is on a train station platform in Lithuania. Not really sure why.

West End Moomins

This came on via NTS this week. We loved it. But it also reminded us of this.

New mag
It’ll begin next week. Space. This. Watch.

I had pizza for tea.

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