Weekly Round-Up – 29-1-21

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Yep, we’ve started doing these again. Yep, we’re narcissistic enough to believe you’re really interested in what we’ve been up to this week… what we’ve laughed at, liked and lamented.

It’s a Sin
An office full of heterosexual men all agreeing that a series with loads of proper graphic lad on lad sex scenes was ‘really good’ isn’t something you’d find every day. God, we’re so woke. Everyone should watch it. It’s on Channel 4 On Demand, it was shot extensively around near where we are, and the music is pretty good.

Tweet of the week
Another local one, this. A Stockport councillor couldn’t hide his delight when his mother received her first jab. Unfortunately, his excitement is totally at odds with the deflated posture of his Mum. It looks like he’s having her put down, to be honest.

Air Max
Nike have got Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool on the Air Max thing. They missed a trick not having Liverpool go down the 110s route.

Big Phil

Speaking of Air Max…

Got to love these models of ramshackle football grounds, via @subbuteoonline

Meanwhile on Facebook
Poor cat has a nasty illness, there.

Your Dad is actually trendy

Milan Menswear News

The gorgeous C.P. Company celebrate 50 years as a thing this year. To celebrate this, they’ve opened a new store Corso Giacomo Matteotti 7, which we’re told is the main shopping street. Hopefully Easyjet and co will get themselves sorted when these vaccines have done the trick and we can go and see it in person.

I had pizza for tea.

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