Weekly Round Up – 5/2/21

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Here it is again, your regular run down of what we’ve been doing in the world of Proper. Like you’re arsed (You are arsed, you’re reading this, after all).

Behind the Scenes
We’ve been busying ourselves this week shooting the next stage of our love-in with Yogi. In a week or so, all will be unveiled. More on the link below.

Listening Pleasure
Podcasts and audiobooks are on the rise. Our recommendations this week include Stephen Morris’s second volume of Fast Forward (on audible, with the author telling you how it went down) and the inspiring story surrounding Reebok, written by founder Joe Foster. On the other side of the coin, we’ve been getting into Case Files on Spotify. Don’t listen to too many while on your own.

A treat for your feet
Omega Flames coming back via Size?

Tweet of the week
Eddie Bishop doing something unintentionally funnier than anything his famous comedian brother John has ever managed.

Wellend Anthem
It will remain your earworm and it’ll make you feel like a snide next time you see your really sound mate who has this haircut. Watch it anyway though.

Yer Actual Da

Matchy Matchy
Here’s H and Sophie. H is for Harrison (and Handsome). He does lots of creative stuff for us. Sophie is a vital cog in the machine that is Hikerdelic. They wore similar clothes this week so we thought we’d take a photo. From this, you may think we’ve had a slow week, but it has been anything but.

This week in 2018
Copenhagen was the destination. Baracuta and Le Fix did a collaboration and we were invited to the launch. It was lovely. Le Fix are a smashing bunch. We also took a couple of hours to wander around Revolver tradeshow, where we saw a jacket in a slab of ice. Crazy Danes.

This week in 2019

ISPO Tradeshow, Munich. A massive group of halls in which loads of outdoor brands show what they’re going to be doing later that year. Sadly, the sights and sounds of Bavaria were limited to the short walk to and from our hotel. Bizarrely, they have massive brothels there. No, we didn’t.

I had pizza for tea.

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