Weekly Update – 26/3/21

Quick, use your holiday allowance up, it’s nearly April.

Bob Mancini

The former Sampdoria hitman and ertswhile leader of a sky blue Mancunian team is the new brand ambassador for Paul and Shark and as you can expect, we’re very much onboard with it. Look at him, here. Quite a strong move-on from wearing that dog-eared scarf.

New stickers

Laptops and lampposts beware. New Hikerdelic stickers are here.

Eye-catching collaboration of the week

We meant to share these the other week but forgot because we’re easily distrac….LOOK A LADYBIRD!

Sorry, yeah.. shoes… collaboration. Timberland x BBC Bee Line. Tremendous.

Free UK Shipping

On the subject of our own clothing vehicle, we’ve decided to cover the cost of your postage this weekend because frankly we’ve caught a dose of generosity. And it’s nothing to do with the fact we need to clear the decks ahead of new deliveries. See what we’ve got here.

New magazine

The ‘to-do’ list is never-ending here at Proper HQ, but finally our beating heart has found its way towards the top of said list. The next issue of our printed magazine will see us do what we’ve always done… move it on. ((c) Luke Unabomber) We’ve got a new format, size and general outlook on the world. If you’re a brand who like the sound of this, hit us up. Otherwise, dig your reading glasses out for a good spring clean.

Shooting in the Hood

H and Joe went for a wander around the mean streets of East Manchester this week. We’ll share more in due coure.

And finally

For anyone who has ever called their school teacher “Mum” or anyone who has ever said “You too” when being wished Happy Birthday, this is for you.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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