Weekly Update – 30/4/21

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I feel like every time I write these I’m telling you what an exhausting week we’ve all had. But guess what? This week was the most exhausting of all. I reckon long weekends were designed to make life a little easier just at the right time. The main thing I’ve learned is that yes, I’m still very much allergic to plug in air fresheners and that if I spend too much time in the company of one I end up itching like a really itchy person. Also, if anyone fancies a fight I reckon I’ve got a fair bit of angst to download on their sorry arse. Ok, we’ve all got problems so I’ll stop whining.

And yet, things are going dead well. We’ve had a week of more photoshoots, magazine finishing touches, Hikerdelic Japanese gear tipped up and I’ve had a hair cut. Oh and there’s a new series of something really good on telly tonight.

Alan Partridge

He’s back again tonight, proving once again that a joke can still be funny many years after it was first told. Reinventing the character for a series called This Time, Steve Coogan shows he’s just the best of us. Worth remembering to watch this one. As with most comedies, the best ones are the early episodes. Then again, who can forget how the last series ended?

Jedi Nights
We spent a night on the Wirral, mainly because we needed to be up to catch some sort of tidal situation the next morning. Looks nice this, doesn’t it? It’s for Admiral Sporting Goods Co, who we’ve been helping for some time now. We know some of you might look at Admiral and assume polyester and Kevin Keegan’s perm but we wouldn’t work with a brand if they weren’t on the same page as us. And they defo are. This gear is seriously good.

Fee, fi, fo fum…

Here’s another project we’ve been doing. Curious? You should be.

Turning Japanese

We have a link up in Osaka who looks after our brand over in Japan. When they did these tees we felt it’d be silly not to get hold of some. So we got hold of some. Available at now.

I had pizza for tea.

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