Wellgosh Does Up An Arc’teryx Ensemble

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll either be absolutely enthused by Arc’teryx’s meteoric rise to fame or utterly bored of it. If you’re a Northerner with outdoor intentions – that might be hiking or hopping fences into festivals – there’s a chance you knew about Arc’teryx way back in the ’90s and you’ve been equipped in weatherproof attire for a long time now. Gorpcore isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. 

Either way, there’s no denying that the jackets deliver bang for buck and that the water beads off nicely. The last remnant of the Zeta line (Arc discontinued the FL, LT and AR in Spring 2021), the Zeta SL is a good all-round introductory Arc’teryx jacket that doesn’t break the bank. For city folk, it’s a good choice. Wellgosh has styled it with a Norse Projects fleece that’s attuned to thermoregulation and breathability, bolstering the outfit’s weatherproofness.

Going in on layering, there’s a General Admission sweater underneath. The bottom half of Wellgosh’s Wears features Adsum Bank Pants with a nice and comforting drawcord at the waist. These fall in perfect baggy harmony onto a pair of adidas Earlham, a class silhouette pulled out of adidas’ 70’s archive. 

All the items are available at Wellgosh, who, as well as being excellent stylists, have a huge selection of jackets, shoes and all-round bangers to scope out. 

View more at Wellgosh.

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