Wellgosh Highlights Key Items from Nepenthes’ Needles

Needles has been on top for a long, long time. Way before ASAP Rocky declared that no other tracksuit pants in the world fit as good as Needles, and I can imagine they’ll continue to be on top for a long time, too. The problem, however, with someone like Rocky singing the virtue of the tracksuits is that it can homogenise people’s opinions of the brand. Needles is more than tracksuit pants. 

Wellgosh have taken it upon themselves to highlight a few of Needles’ best bits, and while there’s tracksuits in there, there’s far more. 

Imagine a shirt covered in tiny polkadots, in a jacquard navy, with smart-yet-utilitarian intentions and constructed from rayon and acrylic. Well, Needles has one, and it’s every bit as elegant as you thought. 

How about a Leopard Mall coach jacket, with a boxy fit and a wool blend, or a C.P. jacket (presumably named after the brand this is paying homage to) with an acid wash finish and military inspiration. 

There’s ultra-baggy cargos with adjustable straps and fastens in every place you can imagine, as well as PVC bags that ooze confidence. If I’m still thinking about that bag in the morning, I might have to buy it. Klarna?

Browse the range of Needles at Wellgosh. 

Needles at Wellgosh.

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