What Matters Most : Clothing and Footwear

I don’t know about you, but twice a year I like to shake things up and shift a few bits on to pay for new things. The nature of our weather and seasonal clothing collections means half of the contents of your wardrobe are going to end up packed away feeling sorry for themselves for a large portion of the year.

This time six months ago I was slowly separating myself from the big jackets and wistfully wearing my wool for the last time in ages. It all went in the wardrobe and out came the shorts (shorter than last year, look I’ve got nice legs ok?), the t-shirts and cagoules (kagools?) became the norm and summer showed its face.

Today I wore short shorts again, along with a Lightning Bolt t-shirt I managed to get  while down in our nation’s capital last month. I was wearing shoes too Saucony ones, which I got in the sale.

I was making hay while the sun shines though, or rather wearing my summer stuff while the sun shines. It won’t be around forever as it buggers off to Australia or somewhere for winter while we shiver and feel all sad.

I like Autumn though. While all those bits I consigned to the wardrobe will be pulled out and checked for moth damage in the coming weeks, if I’m honest, a lot of it will find its way to the famous auction site. And in its place will come what matters most. New stuff. The next thing. The thing I’ve not even bought yet. And on it goes. Fashion.

Sorry, did I say Fashion? I’ve just done a bit of sick.

Here are a few things I could/may have my eye on for the terraces of whichever awful football ground I’ll be shivering my tits off at from about October onwards. All available from The Original Store.





When I was asked to write this post it was on the understanding I’d talk about what matters most to me. When I’d dismissed the family and a few heirlooms of sentimental value, I ended up thinking about clothing. But I can’t do that without paying regard to what fuels our obsession. We always want something new and I’m no different. So although I’ve got some great shoes that are over ten years old, it’s the new stuff that matters most, even if I end up eBaying it next June to buy some new short shorts.

To read more about this whole #whatmattersmost thing, you need to get yourself on Twitter and that Vine thing. Loads of people are writing and Vining (is that a word?) about what matters most to them, check ’em out.

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