What We Learned this Week – 04/11/16

1. We’ve fallen head over heels in love with a Mexican group who do Smiths/Morrissey covers called Mexrrissey. Expect to see us having a chat with them in issue 21.

2. Oh and speaking of The Smiths, we saw Johnny Marr in Piccadilly station and he also answered one of my questions to him on twitter (sort of).


3. We’ve had some glow-in-the-dark Hikerdelic tees made and they’re ideal for rocking out at raves, climbing in caves or hanging around graves. They’re on sale Monday, have a butchers here.

4. There’s a new copy of our second favourite magazine Pica Post out and you can read all about our favourite time travel films in it. What’s yours btw?


5. Trick or Treat is just begging in wigs isn’t it?

6. Having finished the most excellent Glitch on Netflix we’re now watching The Missing on BBC1. Did you seen the last scene in Wednesday’s episode? It was proper ace, go and watch it on iPlayer if you don’t believe us.

7. The COVERS kickstarter is very close to reaching it’s target, which is top news and a great thing for reggae album fans everywhere.

8. This made us laugh from the consistently brilliant B3TA.



9. We’ve still not fully decided yet whether the new Trainspotting film will be absolutely amazing or just ‘OK’, pretty good trailer though, what do you think Spud?


10. Have a great weekend everyone and please lets all be careful where we put our bangers yeah?

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