What We Learned This week – 07/10/16

1 It’s been a very Spezial week hasn’t it? We’ve enjoyed everything about this season’s release from the toe-box on those sublime Indoor Supers to the free badge/beer we got at the Hip store party last night.

2 Speaking of which we met Terry Hall last night can you tell which of us was the most excited?


3 The big coats have come out to play this week, we’re hoping to move onto hats next week, ideally gloves the week after that.


4 This video is like looking inside of my hungover head today

5 Our mate Tayler made us laugh with this tweet.


6 We’ve also been guffawing at the Palace Winter range product descriptions, with ‘EXTRAVAGANT LIKE YOUR NAN JAMMING WATCHING COUNTDOWN WITH 2 FAGS ON THE GO’ being our current favourite.

7 The new footie mugs with Mundial will be out soon-ish.


8 The Russians make some proper brilliant gear don’t they?


9 We’re still obsessed with accents. Current favourite is mid-Cheshire following the arrival of a new lad in our office with that particular strain of wordplay.

10 Hebden Bridge, Todmorden, Sowerby Bridge, Mybadthyroid… Yorkshire has some great place names.


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