What We Learned This Week – 11/11/16

1. Arriving into Piccadilly Station just as a bugler is playing the Last Post is totes awkward, but nevertheless very moving. Lest We Forget.

2. Engineered Garments are still winning at #COATS

3. Johnny Marr genuinely played on a Girls Aloud song.

4. Trump makes himself look like a massive nobhead without the help of internet jokers, but this is still funny.


5. Will.I.Am is from Ancoats.

6. That film about Lenny McLean is smashing.

7. Working Class Heroes are doing some really nice stuff for their tenth anniversary and we implore you to pay attention to this fact.

8. The Betamax Years is a lovely way to break up your day.

9. Pastel Shades are floating our boat, lighting our candle and just generally making us feel like sitting on a sofa eating some marmalade on toast, having a good cry to let it all out.



10. Omar’s coming Yo!.

I had pizza for tea.

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