What We Learned This Week – 12/8/16

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1. Simon Inglis makes for a fascinating interview. See his work with Played in Britain and the aforementioned interview in Proper 20.

2. People really seem to like Overlook mugs. Stay tuned for two more mugs this month and another in the pipeline for next month.


3. Chicken and Waffles from Home Sweet Home, though very nice, takes several days to digest.

4. Playing football several hours after consuming said meal is a bad, bad idea.

5. Ray Chan is better at keeping his footing when he’s wearing shoes that fit and he’s on a car park, not a mountain.

6. Our neighbours are sound, but their mates sometimes get quite angry with each other.

7. Neil does good spotify playlists.

8. This fella is about to make a welcome return.


9. We’re doing some t-shirts soon. It’s a secret though.

10. And some stickers.

I had pizza for tea.

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