What We Learned this Week – 14/10/16

1. Our mate Lee and his group The House of Glass have just done this new tune and video, good innit?

2. Staying on a musical tip we checked out the ‘Chasing the Sun’ photo exhibition last night at the Old Granada studios and got to pretend we were on the front cover of Definitely Maybe. Extra props go to man of the people/genius Brian Cannon who despite being a world renowned photographer has put his Oasis prints on sale there for the same price as ‘a pair of new trainers’.


3. All this Trump debate business is starting to send us a bit west and frankly this hasn’t helped…

4. We met Fenners off of Soccer AM and he’s a top bloke and he wears Mephisto Rainbows.

5. Bucks Fizz remain a real talking point in the Proper Office. *rips off grass skirt*

6. We’re working on a spoof magazine set in 1981 for a footwear brand and our research is making us laugh around every 11 minutes.

7. Opening up your storage unit after 6 months is a bit like Christmas.

8. The lads from Oi Polloi have so many amazing things up their sleeve for the next few months, it’s a bit spellbinding. The list of exciting releases is as long as your arm, which makes the sleeve metaphor all the more fitting.

9. This is our new favourite magazine. Sold out though.

10. The new football mugs we’re doing are going to go down almost as well as the videos we’ve done to promote them. Next week….


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